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I recently went to Powells to pick up a new GF cookbook. Specifically about baking. And I was thoroughly annoyed at how every GF cook book was "healthy"/vegan/veggie/low-cholestoral/no sodium GF, etc.

Just because you can't have gluten doesn't mean that you automatically want to cut everything else out of the diet.


So, I've decided to write my own cookbook of GF recipes, all of which will be nice and fatty. Duck Patê on GF crackers anyone?

The Dessert Labs

Sounds delicious! I've heard that french fries fried in duck fat are heavenly.

You're welcome to use that for your cookbook too.


oh. my. god.

Where does one acquire these special fries? WHERE?

I guess I know what I'm attempting this weekend.


I really want to try GF but honestly I am still a bit afraid that it would make me weak. Well I guess it is all in the mind. Will however try your substitute suggestions.

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